Chartering/ forwarding

Through our specialized departments, we are organizing bulk (including liquid), general and project cargo forwarding through Romanian ports, by ships, river barges, railway, containers and trucks.

Having our own offices, we are attending sea and river ships/ convoys in Sulina, Tulcea, Galati, Braila, Constanta, Mangalia, Midia, Cernavoda and Harsova.


Danube river transit for maritime ships

If You have vessels in transit to/ from Izmail, Reni or Giurgiulesti than You have come to the right place! We are organizing smooth transit of Sulina canal and if needed, by Bystroe as well through our partners.

 General cargo vessel passing upstream Tulcea port

Liner and tramp agency services

Pre-arrivals documentation check and submitting to port authorities, timely scheduling of pilots/ tugs.

On-board attendance of the ships/ crew, ensuring that procedures are being followed on arrival & departure, regular visits during cargo operations and daily prompt reports of the ship/ operations.

Cargo documents, statement of facts etc. are being promptly and accurately issued by our team.

Cash delivery in safe conditions.

Medical assistance of the crewmembers.

Bunkering coordination with smallest delivery delay through local suppliers.

Hiring independent surveyors at Owner’s request

Cargo lashing & dunaging operations and material through specialized certified companies.

Fresh water supply, electrical energy supply from shore, garbage and residues removal from board through port administration/ facilities upon request.

Delivery of spare parts (if necessary, we arrange customs transit formalities as well).

Fast communication with stevedores, shippers, receivers etc., to ensure prompt operations of the ship and forwarding logistic.


Transits through Galati port, for river ships & convoys, including notifications to the Customs office (ENS).

Do you have parcels of steel products, concrete pre-fabs, grains, ore, general cargo or industrial equipments to transport/ transship through Romania or Danube? Just send us details and we’ll send you our offer. For the transit cargo transshipped through Romanian ports we can offer as well customs transit services applied as per Romanian law.


We are FIATA and USER members