Here are a few of the projects. Our clients are very happy of our work, and we’re sure you will love working with us too. Enjoy!


•   Steel sections – Transport with maritime scow, December 2012 – March 2013

trucking and transshipment of palletized cargo, March 2013






•   Towage of floating dock, Mangalia – Tulcea, February 2013



•   Transshipment of military vehicles, October 2012



•   Transshipment of Tanks, September 2012



•   Trucking tanks to port and loading to ship, September 2012



•   Transshipment of amine flash drums from sea vessel to river barge and transport by river to Serbia, March 2012






•   Loading Logs, June 2012



•   Discharging and trucking tower sections, Windmill Project, September 2011



•   Passenger vessels – Le Levant, Cruise Ship of CMA-CGM, on Sulina-Crisan canal, Danube Delta, Summer 2011



•   Loading timber in Constanta, April 2011

•   transshipment of steel coils and plates, March 2011

•   Refloating barge on Kiliya Canal, June 2008